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Poster: Roy Trumbull Date: Sep 18, 2006 7:56pm
Forum: audio Subject: Re: ia300038

The identifier is Happy_Prince and the system can find that and keep me from using it again but the folder has an error and is missing the "click here" and the "criticism file" and basically you can't do anything with it.
Also is there any way to get a file with multiple tracks to resort when a change is made?

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Poster: GirdwoodTelevision Date: Sep 19, 2006 10:52am
Forum: audio Subject: Re: ia300038


Okay, I see the problem. The disk in that machine went bad while you were uploading, before you checked the item in.

Normally, a disk going bad isn't too big of an issue, because once you check an item in, and every time you make a change to it, it gets backed up to a secondary server. So if one disk goes bad, we just back it up from the secondary and nothing is lost. But you hadn't checked the item in yet (and therefore it hadn't been backed up yet) when the disk went bad, so it's a goner.

You'll need to create a new item - the identifier is not reusable.